DNA Testing

Let’s Get Personal

D-N-A. C-B-D. Y-O-U.

If this seems like some kind of code, it is.

Your genetics tell a story about your sensitivity to many different conditions including Mood, Depression, Anxiety, Pain and Immunity, Sleep, PTSD or Drug Dependency

This important field of Pharmacogenomics can also inform you how fast or slow your liver metabolizes molecules like CBD

And if you are taking prescriptions, our DNA test can provide insight into how CBD may interact with your medications; called Drug-Drug Interaction

Through our DNA test we will provide you and your doctor with valuable insight into selecting the appropriate CBD Product, Strength and Dosing specifically for you.
Many people have found relief from CBD and other cannabinoids, but the path to getting there is personal.

At Cohort, we’re putting the right tools in the hands of patients and their medical providers in order to improve how you feel and how you heal.

The Cohort Care Program

A complimentary three-part system that provides medical providers and patients with the specific knowledge, insight and products to increase the effectiveness, while reducing the guesswork, of an integrative CBD Care Plan.

Certified Medical Education
Upon successful completion of the Cohort-sponsored Endocannabinoid Professional Certification Program, doctors can make more informed patient wellness assessments and CBD product recommendations

DNA Testing & Reporting
With the additional layer of insight provided by a patient’s DNA test, a practitioner is able to better select the appropriate CBD product, strength and dosing

Product Formulary
An exclusive wide-ranging formulary of natural, medical grade CBD products from industry-leading product manufacturers

Cohort’s Collaborative Healthcare process is designed to provide Balance and Harmony between the doctor-patient relationship and the patient-CBD journey.

Professional Grade Testing

Your Personal Story Can Lead to Healing Insights

Cohort Clinical Sciences has partnered with EndoCanna Health, a biotechnology research company that created Endo·dna – a simple yet powerful DNA test that maps your endocannabinoid system and then matches that summary with a specific cannabinoid ratio and terpene profile aligned with your unique genotype.

Cohort’s Patients and Practitioners now have access to this unique and valuable genetic testing and reporting program for a more personalized cannabinoid experience.

Insight and Interpretation for Improved Outcomes
Where To Start

Personalized Endocompatibility Results From One of Two Ways


Raw DNA Data Upload
If you’ve already completed a DNA test with Ancestry, 23andMe, FamilyTreeDNA, MyHeritage, or another genealogy company, we can use the “raw data” from those tests for analysis

Test results take a minute or two for delivery


The Endo·dna Test Kit
If you’ve never done a DNA test we offer the Endo·dna Test Kit that includes a complete DNA collection kit, easy-to-follow instructions and a pre-paid return mailer

Test results take about 4 weeks for your results to be delivered

How To Do Your Test

As Easy As 1-2-3

The Endo·dna Test Kit
Your DNA kit will come in a box that includes instructions for activating your online account.



Use the enclosed cotton swab to rub inside your cheek



Place the swab into the enclosed bag and ship it back



Register the kit and your personal account online


Raw DNA Data
If you’re using your data, we have a fast and secure method for uploading and do not need to send you a new collection kit.



Upload your 23andMe or Ancestry data



Register the kit and your personal account online

Either Road Taken Gets You

An online, personalized and secure account to access to your results and report through MyDNA.live

Endocompatibility analysis of your DNA at a U.S. based CLIA Certified Laboratory

A complete, personalized Endo·Decoded DNA variance report

Ideal ratios, methods of delivery and dosing for your body

Alerts to potential drug-to-drug interactions

Automatic, lifetime updates through your MyDNA.live account as new research becomes available

Your Privacy and Data Security
is Our Top Priority

Your Personal Info and DNA Data is stored on EndoCanna Health’s MyDNA.live
Your information will not be sold or shared. All your information can be permanently deleted at any time. Your data is secured on Amazon AWS servers in the United States. MyDNA.live is HIPAA compliant. EndoCanna Health tells you exactly how they collect, use and store your information.
For additional resources and information, visit our

DNA Resources Library

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