You’re Seeking Healthy Alternatives and Peace of Mind

Purchasing CBD from Amazon, social media outlets or via a Google search has become the norm, but that doesn’t necessarily inspire the confidence you seek.

And when you read the fine print, you notice one common theme stated on the product label: “this product is not intended to diagnose or treat disease, or to substitute for a physician's consultation”.

We Have You Covered

Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials and Post-Millennials alike.

Relief whether from a chronic condition, the stresses of life or from your latest weekend warrior workout.

If you’re seeking innovative alternatives or adjunctive treatment options to traditional pharmaceutical medicines, you’re in the right place.

We Are Committed to Quality Products



Formulated by scientists and targeted for specific conditions.



Medical grade, doses, formulations and administrations exclusive to our Product Formulary.



Lab tested three times – beginning with the raw hemp through to the finished product.



Certificate Of Analysis (COA) for each batch of product developed.


A Practitioner Network to Serve You

We have created an innovative team approach to guide you through the CBD landscape and treatment options.

Through our network, Patients and Providers have access to safe, professional grade medical hemp.

Our national network of Practitioners are committed to education, research and developing a customized CBD care plan for you–with their oversight at the core.

Individualized Health Care

We’ve taken great care in putting together a network, and process, to ensure confidence in progressive CBD protocols.

Practitioners sign up with our company gaining access to our custom Products and Education, while Patients enroll with their Practitioner.


Patients consult with their Practitioner to discuss their personal situation and interest in using our professional grade CBD products.

Product Selection

Together Practitioner and Patient select the appropriate product from our Product Formulary that is then shipped directly to the Patient.


Patient progress is tracked and monitored for efficacy and results.

Cohort Practitioner Connect

You and Your Practitioner
If the benefits of the Cohort CBD care model resonate for you, we would be happy to work with you and your current practitioner.

You’d Like a Practitioner Referral
Or, if you would like a referral so that you may engage with a Cohort CBD Wellness Practitioner, we’d be happy to help here as well.

Next Step
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