• Physicians Grade

    Full Spectrum CBD Medical Grade Products for the Professional Channel

  • A Problem Worth Solving

    Misuse and abuse of opioids and NSAIDs have made the quest for non-addictive and non-steroidal alternatives to pain a national priority with 100 million Americans suffering from chronic pain each year. Overdose deaths involving opioid pain relievers have increased and now exceed deaths involving heroin and cocaine combined.


    Unrelieved pain results in rising healthcare costs due to longer hospital stays, increased rates of re- hospitalization, and increased outpatient visits. Patient’s decreased ability to function fully has lead to lost income and health insurance coverage.


    Cannabidiol – CBD –is a non-psychoactive cannabis compound that has significant medical benefits which makes it an appealing option for patients looking for relief without disconcerting feelings of lethargy or dysphoria. CBD has the potential to be revolutionary treatment option however there is a lack of science and research in this emerging space. This shortage has created a need for an industry leader that will legitimize the use and sale of hemp derived CBD products.

    Our Solution

    Our full-spectrum and isolate CBD-rich oral and topical solutions can provide an alternative form of aid in treating millions of Americans suffering without the negative effects of synthetic prescriptions. Backed by scientific studies and quality ingredients our product formulations are defining industry standards. We will use this platform to develop a distribution channel through medical practices during a time when demand for an alternative treatments are severely needed to help patients manage their conditions.