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    Cohort Clinical Sciences is a cohort of physicians, patients, products and partners committed to education, research and data to improve quality outcomes with CBD (cannabidiol) treatment options.


    Cohort Clinical Sciences formed a national cohort of physicians dedicated to education and ongoing research to better understand and recommend CBD to improve patient outcomes. CCS physicians are committed to continuous education on the endocannabinoid system and the effects CBD has on the body. The CCS cohort will have access to exclusive quality clinical dose CBD products developed to provide relief for specific ailments and provide a natural alternative or complement to synthetic medications. Physicians will partner with their patients to monitor outcomes and have access to national data reports providing insights and development of best practices for adjunctive or alternative therapy with CBD.


    Cohort Clinical Sciences is the trusted source of clinical grade CBD (Cannabidiol); exclusive products paired with your doctor’s recommended dosage and oversight creates a safe and seamless experience. CCS is committed to educating physicians, distributing medical grade CBD products, and collecting real-world research and data to improve quality outcomes for patients. Purchasing CBD through the CCS network provides the following benefits:


    • Physicians in the CCS network have received accredited education on the endocannabinoid system and will continue receiving the most current findings through our educational portal that will keep them up to date on the latest research and best practices for CBD usage.

    • Physicians in the CCS network have access to fully vetted, safe CBD products and will receive a monthly report of your CBD dosage so they can work with you to create the most beneficial CBD care plan for relief.

    • Physicians in the CCS network will have access to national CBD patient reported outcomes via the CCS data portal, so they can better understand and recommend proper dosing and the best administration method for relief.

    • Physicians in the CCS network are committed to working with you to see if you can benefit from CBD and find relief from a natural supplement.


    Our medical grade CBD products are only available through our national network of practitioners; CBD recommendations that are individualized for each patient.


    Cohort Clinical Sciences created a formulary of medical grade CBD products only available through a CCS physician’s recommendation and access to our pCommerce(provider commerce platform). All products available in the pCommerce platform are fully vetted and adhere to the following standards


    · Available exclusively through our CCS network

    · Professional grade doses, formulations and administrations created to provide relief for specific maladies under your healthcare providers directions and oversight

    · Independent 3rd party lab tested

    · All natural

    · Suppliers are compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices standards

    · Less than .3% THC (legal at the federal level and will not cause any psychoactive effects)



    Cohort Clinical Sciences is always looking for new partners that are leading the way in advancing endocannabinoid science and innovating in the CBD marketplace. If you are interested in becoming a partner of CCS and accessing our network, please contact [email protected]