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As our industry continues to evolve – whether around topics of social acceptance, scientific discoveries, product development, regulations, etc. – we’ll keep you up-to-date.

‘Facts Can Save Lives:’ 10 Powerful Takeaways From New Documentary ‘CBD Nation’

Only in recent years has CBD made its way into mainstream vernacular and consequently, cannabidiol has...

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CBD Nation, a new documentary from director David Jakubovic

Examines the real research and evidence surrounding one of the safest, most therapeutically active medicines known to humanity.

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We Surveyed HCPs About CBD: Here’s What We Learned

According to a recent Gallup poll, 1 in 7 American adults say they use cannabidiol (CBD) products. With its popularity apparent, we wanted to uncover if and how the...

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Arthritis Foundation Releases First CBD Guidance for Adults

As the leading organization for people with arthritis, the Arthritis Foundation has just released the first CBD...

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What is the correct dosage of CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is available in many forms, including oils, tablets, and creams. The ideal dosages vary...

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14% of Americans Say They Use CBD Products

One in seven Americans say they personally use cannabidiol- (CBD-) based products, which have...

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